One of the questions we often get asked is ‘how often should we test our commercial electrics’?

The Electricity at Work regulations came into force on 1st April 1990. To comply with them, all employers must monitor the ongoing condition of their electrical systems through regular inspection and testing to ensure that the systems are safe to use. Records of the test results should be kept for future reference.

To give you some guidance on how often you need to test your commercial electrics we have put together a table below to help you understand the type of installation and when it needs testing. Please be aware though that these are only guidelines and if you are in doubt please get in touch and we will happily provide a free assessment.

Type of Installation Routine Check Maximum Period between Inspections and testing as necessary
Residential EG. halls of residence, nurses accommodation, etc 1 year Change of occupancy /5 years
Commercial 1 Year Change of occupancy /5 years
Industrial 1 Year 3 years
Offices 1 Year 5 years
Shops 1 Year 5 years
Laboratories 1 Year 5 years
Hospitals and medical clinics general area 1 Year 5 years
Cinemas 1 Year 1 to 3 years
Church Installations 1 Year 5 Years
Leisure complexes (ex swimming pool) 1 Year 3 years
Places of public entertainment 1 Year 3 years
Restaurants/hotels 1 Year 5 years
Theatres 1 Year 3 years
Public Houses 1 Year 5 years
Village halls / Community Centres 1 Year 5 years
Agricultural 1 Year 3 Years
Caravans 1 Year 3 Years
Marinas 4 months 1 Year
Fish Farms 4 months 1 Year
Swimming Pools 4 months 1 Year
Educational Establishments 6 Months 5 years
Hospitals and medical clinics medical locations 6 months 1 year
Caravan Parks 6 Months 1 Year

Electrical inspections on commercial premises

The main aim is to help you comply with the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989, helping you to reduce any dangerous hazards that could cause harm, reducing the company’s risk from litigation. It is critical to maintain all electrical installations to ensure that the safety of users is not put at risk and that the electrics remain in a safe and serviceable condition.

As NICEIC approved electrical contractors you can rest assured that all assessments and audits are carried out to the highest standards. Please remember, you need to keep your electrical systems checks up to date or you could risk being liable should anything happen.

If you are unsure when your electrics were last tested and would like to find out more about what you need to do, call us on 01803 472423 or email us here for a free consultation.