Residential and Commercial Electrical Heating Solutions

We supply and install a range of electrical heating solutions for both home and business.

Electric Heating Products

Here at Finish Electrical we have been installing electrical heating products for many years.

We are able to install and maintain a large range of electrical heating products including electric underfloor heating, electric feature fires, fan heaters, electric and dual fuel towel rails and hard wired panel heating systems.

We offer a complete service which means we are able to supply, install and commission a wide range of electrical heating products.  We are also able to offer ongoing maintenance where required to appliances including, electric boilers and heating systems, Instantaneous hot water heaters, Immersion heaters and electric showers and power showers, Air source heat pumps (ASHP), Gas central heating systems, Oil powered boilers, Air conditioning units and Wet under floor heating systems.

Benefits Of Electric Powered Heating Systems


Can be easier to install with less disruption



Can be cheaper to install



Can be cheaper to run



Perfect when there is no other means of supply to a property (gas or oil)



Can be a more versatile solution compared to Gas or Oil options



Modern and stylish design



All our installations come with a workmanship warranty in addition to the heating systems manufacture warranty



Fully approved Part P domestic electrical installers.


Why Have Electric Underfloor Heating


Less Disruption


Electric underfloor heating systems can can be simply laid out onto existing floors with a new floor covering on top rather than having to dig floors up.


Use With Any Flooring Type

There are heating systems for any type of flooring e.g. laminate flooring, real or engineered flooring, tiled floors, carpet, vinyl and polished concrete.


Can Be Used With Other Heating Types

Electric underfloor heating can be used as primary or secondary heating. You are able to run another form of heating alongside your underfloor heating if desired.


More Space

Underfloor electric heating frees you from having radiators fitted around your home.  In turn this allows you to make better use of your rooms full size and furniture can fit right to the wall


Even Heat

As electric underfloor heating is fitted under the entire floor area the spread and distribution of heat is even throughout the room.


Warm Feet

Underfloor heating ensures that your feet are warm and toasty.  It is hard to beat the feeling of walking into a room fitted with underfloor heating.

Other Electrical Heating Options

Panel heaters can be perfect if you have no other form of heating available.  Electric panel heaters are easy to control and ideal to heat just a single room. They are also quick to boost if you need to heat the room in a hurry.

Panel heaters have the option to be fitted along with room stats and timer controls to give the ultimate in control.

Installation is straightforward with minimal disruption.

Fan heaters are verstile heaters and can be used in many different rooms and situations.

In the home fan heaters are commonly used in bathrooms as they are a great way to heat a small room quickly.  Other uses in the home include being fitted under kitchen plinths to direct gentle heat at foot level in order to keep feet nice and warm.

Commercially fan heaters are often utilized set above shop, office or restaurant doorways directing a screen of heat downwards as you walk into the building.  These fan heaters are designed to make a “screen” and keep existing heat in the building whilst the door is open.

Off peak heaters are best used along with an off peak meter.  These meters only become live at night, and as such you receive a cheaper rate on the electric they use.

These heaters are designed to charge during the night (12pm till 7am normally), and then release heat and hot water during the day.

Both types of heaters can have a normal electric (on peak) supply as an over ride if they do run out of charge.

Electric heated towel rails can found in 2 forms.

Some towel rails are only heated by electricity.  It is also possible to have an electrical heating element installed into a towel rail that is connected into the central heating system of a property.

Towel Rails are a great way to warm and dry towels although they can also take the chill off the room or indeed as primary heating for a room.

What our customers say…

Thank you Aaron for a very quick response as always. Used Aaron a few times and would highly recommend him and his company to anyone, as always very honest and professional. Always provides a first class service

Mrs Hindom

re-wire kitchen, installation of underfloor heating

I have used Finish Electrical several times and will continue to use them. You can be sure all the work they undertake is carried out to rigorous professional standards, and their electricians are extremely reliable, trustworthy and friendly *****

Riveria Solar

installation of solar panels

We have been using Finish Electrical for a long time and have worked on a lot of projects together. Im very happy with the service and skills that are provided. The team are very knowledgeable and nothing is ever too much effort.  I feel I’m in safe hands when I pass Finish Electrical over to my own customers.*****

Auto ART

Wiring of Industrial Unit

We have used Finish Electrical for our business needs and our private property and the workmanship is excellent and we cant fault the service provided. The electricians are NIC EIC domestic installers and approved contractors so this gives us extra reassurance that we are getting a good service.  Would not hesitate to recommend and will certainly use him again in the future *****

Mr Hodder

Fault Finding and General Works